Save on Energy, Save on Cost – Introducing Pella’s Energy Efficient Windows and Energy Star ©

As our customers already know, Pella Doors & Windows of Northern California takes your energy costs and efficiency seriously when it comes to our products. Like Pella retailers throughout the United States, Pella Doors & Windows proudly carries windows and doors that are top of the line in energy efficiency and designed to meet your needs. The materials Pella carries are wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.Pella Doors and Windows of Northern California is very proud to be selling products that meet or exceed Energy Star © guidelines in all 50 states. Pella was recently recognized for the second year in a row by the Environmental Protection Agency with the 2014 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Products designation.

Why does ENERGY STAR matter?

1.     Save money – and more. Installing ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors lowers energy bills and saves you money. With more efficient windows, you also use less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. For typical homes, choose ENERGY STAR and save on average $101 – $538 and 1,006 to 6,072 pounds of CO2 which is an equivalent to 51 to 310 gallons of gasoline a year when replacing single-pane windows.
2.     Get comfortable. Put an end to cold drafts and overheated spaces. ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors help keep your home’s temperature consistently comfortable. Even relaxing on your loveseat right by the window can be cozy with ENERGY STAR.
3.     Protect your valuables. Many ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors have a special coating on the glass that is like sunscreen for your house.

Pella’s windows and doors are not only great for your energy bills, but for design flexibility as well. These top of the line and high quality products are available in double-hung, single-hung, casement, awning, sliding and fixed window types, as well as sliding patio doors. In addition to increasing your comfort and helping to reduce your heating and cooling costs, Pella products also have the options of: 

1. Shades, blinds or grilles are permanently sealed between panes on Low-E insulating glass so they stay protected from dust and damage.
2. Hardware is available in color matched finishes as well as bright brass, satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.
3. Optional Rolscreen © rolls away out of sight when you’re not using it.

How do I know if my Pella window or door meets ENERGY STAR requirements

1.Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the product’s NFRC label
2.Pella products offer the energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines in all 50 states 1
3.Some Pella products significantly exceed U.S. ENERGY STAR guidelines

Always striving to provide greater efficiency, Pella Doors and Windows of Northern California carries the most innovative designs and environmentally friendly products on the market. We also have:

§  One of the best warranties in the business.
§  Window combinations available and offer virtually endless design possibilities.
§  Factory assembled window combinations that allow you to create a look that’s all your own.

For more information, visit our showrooms in Los Altos, Alamo, Fresno, Hayward, Rhonert Park, Rocklin, Truckee, and San Francisco. You can also explore our site or email us at or call us at 844-537-3552.