​The Pella Promise

The importance of a warranty
Why you need a warranty.

Having protection in place for this major investment in your home will give you comfort and confidence.

Your replacement company should provide a toll-free number for you to call regarding warranty questions. When you call,
you’ll need the serial number, which you can usually find on the window itself or on your order form.

Finding the best warranty.

Every window company will tell you they have a great warranty. But don’t take their word for it. Do research online. A reputable company will post its warranty information in an easy-to-find place on their website. Read homeowner and independent expert reviews on home improvement sites. When it comes to an investment like this, customers won’t be shy about sharing their experiences – both good and bad.

What exactly is the Pella Promise?

Our exclusive package comes standard and gives you added protection for your project.

  • Product Warranty for the product purchased plus 10-Year Installation Warranty and Service Agreement.
    • First two years: Limited Product and Installation Warranties.
      • Coverage, including labor, for product and installation related issues are free.
  • Year three through ten: Limited Product Warranty and Installation Service Agreement.
    • Coverage for product related issues (as defined by your product warranty).
    • Coverage for installation related issues.
    • If a service call is required for product or installation related issues, there will be a service fee of $75 per product (adjusted for inflation based on the consumer price index).

Read Pella’s warranty and service agreement for complete details and specific product warranties.​

Need help on product information and troubleshooting advice? Click here for Pella Owner’s Manuals.